Thursday, June 24, 2010

The decisive moment


This is not it, by the way. This is just one of the few I took in Puerto Rico of someone from the front. I have, taken from the rear, the following: lady on the cell phone wearing very high heels (the lady, not the phone), this same policeman, a policewoman directing traffic, storeowner taking a cigarette break, waiter taking a cigarette break (love those cigarette break photos), delivery man at the same restaurant, a guy at the pool gesticulating wildly while taking on the cell phone, a girl in hotel pool, and a very dapper man crossing a plaza in Old San Juan. It is because I'm shy about shooting these people, but sneaking up behind them is not only difficult for me and startling for them, it's creepy and stalkerish, so I must stop. I did get one of the delivery man wearing a lovely blue shirt and the cigarette waiter front on, but only because I was so far away they didn't notice me, so when I enlarged it, the resolution sucked.

So, I'm going to run over to Athens and shoot people while actually facing them. Or at least sidelong. If I"m very, very lucky and there's another World Cup match this afternoon, maybe I'll get some fans. Here's hoping. I dub my new project "Full Frontal Athens."

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Sadie said...

One decides yes no
In the blink of one blue eye
Do I really dare?