Sunday, February 14, 2010

Alberta just sold a painting

Yes, it walked right out of the gallery---Your Own Personal Jesus, a mixed media work with a red/orange/pink/yellow color scheme. I'm delighted to say it featured (in the bottom right corner) my photo of Jesus, taken on the way back from Myrtle Beach, although I guess she should now share collab credits with the person who had the statue of a purple Jesus in his or her front yard.

My sister, the hotcakes-like-selling artist. Mine. I knew I taught art history for something. Now I'm the most qualified applicant when Alberta opens her own gallery and needs a curator.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Scots and clocks

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I used to teach with a Scot on an exchange program who mocked me for not wearing a watch. "That's such an English teacher thing," he said. What? He attributed it to some entrenched Emily Dickinson-free spirit affectation.


Which was fine; I liked being bohemian. He also called a wrench a "spanner" and kept threatening to invite me over for haggis, so of course I thought of him Sunday when I skipped going to church to look for clocks instead.

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They're not easy to find. Here's the short list for Walton/Gwinnett county:
1. Monroe courthouse
2. Funeral home in Social Circle
3. Duluth town square

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That's it. I scurried around feeling like the White Rabbit, looking for a good clock. Instead I found a nice green swing, a stucco former jail,


and a couple of appealing rooflines. Oh, and I was also seduced by a few windows, cause I'm easy.
A toast to all watch-wearing Scots wielding spanners and haggis(Poor wee slicket timorous beasties; sorry, I can't help myself) and bon voyage to Melissa, Scotland-bound with a sore throat and knocking back tea with honey, who will no doubt come back all bohemian, sans watch.

church window