Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Scots and clocks

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I used to teach with a Scot on an exchange program who mocked me for not wearing a watch. "That's such an English teacher thing," he said. What? He attributed it to some entrenched Emily Dickinson-free spirit affectation.


Which was fine; I liked being bohemian. He also called a wrench a "spanner" and kept threatening to invite me over for haggis, so of course I thought of him Sunday when I skipped going to church to look for clocks instead.

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They're not easy to find. Here's the short list for Walton/Gwinnett county:
1. Monroe courthouse
2. Funeral home in Social Circle
3. Duluth town square

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That's it. I scurried around feeling like the White Rabbit, looking for a good clock. Instead I found a nice green swing, a stucco former jail,


and a couple of appealing rooflines. Oh, and I was also seduced by a few windows, cause I'm easy.
A toast to all watch-wearing Scots wielding spanners and haggis(Poor wee slicket timorous beasties; sorry, I can't help myself) and bon voyage to Melissa, Scotland-bound with a sore throat and knocking back tea with honey, who will no doubt come back all bohemian, sans watch.

church window


Kathy McCullen said...

Easy! Tell me something I don't already know. I haven't been here in so long, but I just had a feeling you'd posted something new, and, as usual, I was right! The clocks are gorgeous. There's a link to your blog on my blog post today.


Faye said...

Love the clocks and the stained glass window.

Sadie said...

Clocks are the movement
Chimes bells and cuckoos unite
To limit our time.