Saturday, April 3, 2010

Red chair

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What is there to do to get ready for Easter? Here's my list:

1. get ready for Melissa's impending visit
2. prepare to park myself in the chair of denial (it's the red one above) if she claims she can't come
3. paint some birds (if they'll just hold still)
4. put up creche in attic and pretend I just realized Epiphany is over
5. urge Albarta to take down her Christmas tree
6. paint some buildings magenta

Sadly, all those things, plus taking pictures, may be put on hold while I mow the lawn and try not to eat all the Easter candy. Or Alberta and I may just blow everything off and go out juning around, as our mother XLo-05 would say. Happy Easter to all!


Sadie said...

A red-headed chair
Sitting in a barbershop
Auburn is sexy!

Kathy said...

Unbelievable texture,Suzy-Q. BTW it's an EASTER tree. Enjoying your muzak this morning.