Saturday, September 12, 2009

A tree, a rock, a cloud

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I'm thinking in fragments lately. Because I'm teaching the kids not to use them and I'm perverse? Because I'm scatterbrained? I don't know. I'm trying to write lately about my daddy, and the only way I can is in fragments. I fancy them up and call them "vignettes," but I know what they really are.

He's kind of like Ozymandias in the Shelley poem--"two vast and trunkless legs of stone" are all that's left. Anyway, I have four or five little Daddy fragments, not enough to say I'm working on a book yet, and all my eye notices is a bit of a landscape here and there. So there they are, little pieces of my town.

I'm thinking Carson McCullers was right; to love, you have to start with little things--a tree, a rock, a cloud, and go from there. Or a meter, a paintball building, a fence. Daddy would have no idea what I'm talking about.


Lily said...

Its Maggie Adelman, your favorite student ever! How's it going? I moved to Augusta over the summer. I am now attending Greenbrier High School. I love it here....[although the school is kinda ghetto]...but that doesn't matter. I'm having sch a good time in my new classes and I just wanted to message you and thank you for helping me so much freshman year. I still remember most of the stuff we read. My favorite was, and always will be, The Cask of Amontillado(did i spell that right?) and I also like The Interlopers. Good one. I will email you too just in case you don't check this anymore.
Love always,
Maggie Selene Adelman. <3

Ava said...

Maggie, I'm so glad to hear from you! I have looked for you; I asked someone in chorus if you were in there, but I just figured you moved to Archer. Well, I miss you--I so was hoping to have you senior year. But I bet Augusta is cool! Email me at, ok? Have a good semester!

Alberta said...

Rise and Shrine! What's the frequency, Ava? Awesome photos and accompaniment. Check the shoutout on amusingmuses today. You might want to link to this event and participate in the Cigarbox Shrine Auction for the Street Children of Oaxaca too. We can have our first Order of the Shrine meeting in the Attic and start creating our our shrines. I've just been waiting for the appropriate celebratory headgear to post the information on my blog, and now, thanks to you, the best sister in the world, I'm good to go!


*jean* said...

thoughtful post, i like the pictures of your town...they're honest and forthright...

i wish you the best in your daddy writing...

..and how sweet to see your student found you too!

ps. can i have a fez too???


Debi said...

Come back to the five and dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean.

I don't believe I ever saw that movie, but it's what came to mind when I stumbled on your blog, read your posts, and even went on to look at your photos on flickr.

Your writing is quirky and wonderful. Your photos are quirky and wonderful. I hope you are doing both even if not blogging them regularly.

Oh, and at the risk of seeming like a creepy stalker, I loved your profile too. The reference to Steve Martin's The Jerk is used much too infrequently, if you ask me. ;)

Best wishes to you. Come back soon!