Saturday, February 28, 2009

Recalcitrant Geisha--Arty Girlz' Challenge

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This is mine for Arty Girlz' Blue and Yellow Challenge


Julie Allain said...

This is BEAUTIFUL Ava !!

Thanks for joining in with this weeks Arty Girlz challenge

Julie xx

Alberta and Ava said...

Ava, you are my first and best muse. Thank you for helping me do what I've always dreamed of. Please stop by my blog to pick up a little something something I have for you there.


powkang said...

shutting off auto-play was just a suggestion. i think it's ludicrous for someone else to dictate what i listen to in my own home and/or studio and giving people the option to choose to click 'play' is a simple courtesy. just like yelling at strangers on the subway is obnoxious. unsolicited phone calls? also not fun in my book. if you haven't noticed, illustration friday gets hundreds of submissions and i was simply clicking through them to see other peoples' work, not be subjected to their taste in music. it was just a suggestion. one might think it enhances their site, but it also can alienate a sector of the audience. its not as though i'm an anomaly crazy grumpy old hermit shaking my cane and turning down my hearing aids. it's a pretty widespread opinion that autoplay is a major web faux pas. anyways, i said my piece to your friend directly and she responded directly. i'm not sure why you decided to get involved. except that you also have autoplay on yours.