Thursday, April 7, 2016

Tricky: Spellling, veggie recipes and manly blog backgrounds

I searched Pinterest for "tricky," the prompt of the day, and got a number of spelling posts for tricky homophones, a surprising number of recipes that apparently were not tricky, and one post on the challenge of choosing a masculine background for your blog.

#1: Of those categories, I guess the masculine background would be the one I'd have trouble with. But I don't want a masculine background. I like my yellow ballet dancers. But if I were a man:
--bricks. A brick wall. It denotes solidarity, aesthetic sensibility, hard work. It denotes that you were the little pig with sense to withstand the Big Bad Wolf. What's more masculine than that? I'm going with the brick wall if I ever start a manblog. Note: I used to think that I would become a man when I grew up. As though that were a higher life form than an adult woman. I'm so sorry I thought that. A yellow tutu-ed ballerina is definitely a higher life form than a brick.

#2: I think I can cook although my spaghetti squash turned out  mushy yesterday.I threw some pesto in and I ate it anyway. What can be tricky is finding an appealing vegetarian option on a restaurant's menu if you don't want a salad. There's usually pasta, but it comes with chicken or shrimp. If I ask them to leave it out, they  charge the same price. Cheap and vegetarian can certainly be tricky. It's true you can resort to just getting an app (appetizer, not application) and drink two glasses of wine instead of eating. I have paid $22 for a meal featuring a bowl of ginger-carrot soup far inferior to what I make, but the wine was indeed better than the $5 bottles in my pantry.

#3: I am arrogant about my spelling. I sometimes boast that I remember the last word I misspelled. It was in the fourth grade on Mrs. Blackwell's spelling test and the word was vegetable. I spelled it "vegatable." That's a lie, though. I had to check the spelling of "coconut" just yesterday. In all fairness, I didn't spell it wrong first. Also, I am not counting typos. Lord knows I make a gracious plenty of those. But every time I write "sherriff" it looks funny. And now Spellcheck has underlined in red. I'm going to leave it. It will be a good lesson in humility.

Man, it bothers me though.

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