Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Inspire me Thursday: The Envelope--A note to Elvis goes in mine

Dear The King-
I went to your house last week and this was on the radio in my car:
"The Mississippi Delta is shining like a national guitar.
I am following the river down the highway through the cradle of the Civil War."

But those aren't my words and what's the simile about anyway?

My Delta smells like when you come over the hills from Philadelphia in the evening and roll the car window down and inhale the fertilizer mixed with Malathion, and
you can tell it's summer in Mississippi.

But that's not quite as elegant, so I start over:

Dear Elvis:
My mother claims some friend of hers in college dated you just the least little bit,
"Oh, we didn't think that much of him," she says with that look you'd have to live with her to get.
It probably had something to do with Tupelo and truck driving and behind your ear, that cigarette.

But Mother would never even let us call her "Mom", if you know what I mean.

When I went to Graceland, so many had written messages to you on the retaining walls and the ground, and I found four signed with my own name, but in the end, I just took a picture of my feet by one written on the sidewalk, and I had painted my toenails silver for the occasion.

So, here's my letter to the King of Rock and Roll:

Dear Elvis,
You were always on my mind.


Alberta & Ava said...

Dude! you've been tagged, so go to the Muse and check out the rules.


Alberta & Ava said...

mmmm, Malathion in the summertime...

other summer smells:

watermelon juice
Elner frying chicken
running behind the fog machine
chlorinated poolwater hair
the mimosa tree in the backyard